Karen, Littleton, CO

DigestZen worked -- and nothing else did!

Sharon, Wyoming

Slim &Sassy
Slim & Sassy in my drinking water everyday.

Ben, a kiddo in Colorado

My favorite doTERRA oils is Spikenard

Sela, Fort Collins, CO

Lavender for everything skin!

Chris, Colorado

Eucalyptus + Melaleuca
Eucalyptus + Melaleuca + Witch Hazel = No more ticks!

Sela, Fort Collins, CO

Melaleuca & On Guard
Melaleuca and OnGuard keeps the yuck away!

Lisa, Arvada, CO

Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint
In the spring of 2013 I suffered from seasonal distress and constant sinus issues. I happened on a doTERRA booth at a homeschool convention and tried Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. I suddenly noticed that my sinuses weren't uncomfortable anymore and my breathing was clearer! Ever since then, I have been a believer,and enjoy using essential oils for many issues that come up in our family.

Mark, Hillrose, CO

My favorite oil is Deep Blue. It works great.

Alexander, a kiddo in Littleton, CO

My favorite oil is grapefruit. But it's hard to tell from orange and lemon.

Erin, Castle Rock, CO

My favorite oil is Helichrysum. It's great for skin issues!

Abbie, a kiddo in Colorado

My favorite essential oil is Lemon

Rachael a kiddo in Colorado

Serenity helps me get my beauty sleep.

Breathe grounds me!

Deena, Colorado

I Believe
I fall in love with doTERRA...after EVERYTIME I use these amazing oils. It truly helps the problem at hand. I BELIEVE.


Past Tense
We found that Past Tense helps us sleep.


Deep Blue & On Guard
Deep Blue and On Guard are life savers!

Ryan, Wyoming

We found that peppermint helps with head/neck tension

Jackie, Arvada, CO

Lavender--The fix all for everything :)

Kathy and Ray, Westminster, CO

Deep Blue
My favorite oil is Deep Blue. It is amazing.


I use Peace everyday of my life.

Izaiah, a kiddo in Colorado

Lemon & Peppermint
Lemon helps my left brain. Peppermint helps my right brain.

Bella, a kiddo in Morrison, CO

I use lavender before shows


Wild Orange & Peppermint
Love Wild Orange & Peppermint. I put them on my dryer balls.