doTERRA as a Business

One of the best decisions of my life was starting an Essential Oils business because I now have the ability to work from anywhere and have been blessed with building a team of like-minded and driven people who want to make a difference while making money in the process. Watch as I share the following: Why Essential Oils are the perfect product for your home-based business. How to start an Essential Oils business immediately. Why dōTERRA® is second to none. What action steps will contribute to your success. What you can expect once you start your dōTERRA® business Love, Lisa

arvada kite festival

We had so much fun at the Arvada Kite Festival this year. It's was great meeting so many people, and sharing the benefits... of dōTERRA essential oils! And, it was beautiful being outside and watching all the kites. The wind was great for kit flying, but it wasn't as good for our booth table or tent. We simplified our table because our papers kept blowing away! And, our poor tent broke during one of the 40 mph gusts. It's always an adventure at an outdoor event. I'll end with a beautiful picture of the...

change your life

Steve Jobs was very influential in changing lives. It's easy to think, "there is no way I can even come close to what he has done. Why try?" I challenge you, however to watch his short 2 minute video below. His message is for you . Yes, you ! Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to help others change their lives? [embed][/embed]

pyramid scam

I thought this was a cute take on a common misconception about direct selling. What are your ideas about direct selling? Love, Lisa [embed][/embed]

are you a skeptic?

I used to think essential oils just smelled good, like scented candles and air fresheners. (I used to be in love with Yankee Candles!) I had tried other brands of essential oils, and never noticed a difference in my body or my mood. Besides, many of them carried warnings about getting the oil on the skin, that I was rather concerned to do anything more than smell them or put a few drops in potpourri. Then, I was introduced to pure, therapeutic grade lemon, lavender, and peppermint for my seasonal issues. And, dōTERRA essential oils changed my life. I started out as a skeptic. What about you? Love, Lisa These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not ...