Stay Healthy and Stress-Free During The Holidays

Ingrown Toenails and Ballerinas

Ballet dancers are sometimes more prone to ingrown toenails when en pointe, as my daughter found out recently. Painful and sore, and unable to go en pointe for an upcoming recital, we threw every home remedy at it and some essentials oils as well. These work much better if caught early! Our twice-daily plan included: Warm Epsom salt soaks Lifting the nail slightly and placing a small piece of cotton under the nail A couple of drops On Guard protective blend dripped on the toe and nail. In between times, we also applied these oils as needed For *soothing* Deep Blue soothing blend For *calming* Lavender Love, Lisa #ballet #essentialoils #epsomsalt #onguard #deepblue #lavender #enpointe #dance

New Products: Post-Convention Celebration

I have thoroughly enjoyed using these new oils. My intention is that you will find a new essential oil to incorporate into your daily health routine. Also, enjoy seeing what happens when I dye my hand blue!

doTERRA as a Business

One of the best decisions of my life was starting an Essential Oils business because I now have the ability to work from anywhere and have been blessed with building a team of like-minded and driven people who want to make a difference while making money in the process. Watch as I share the following: Why Essential Oils are the perfect product for your home-based business. How to start an Essential Oils business immediately. Why dōTERRA® is second to none. What action steps will contribute to your success. What you can expect once you start your dōTERRA® business Love, Lisa

Using essential oils with your daily health habits

breathing well

You know these nights. When seasonal threats are high, and I'm relieved to finally get the kiddos to sleep. I finish up my evening routine, and lay down myself, ready to dream of sugar plums and fairies (ok, not really...more like hoping I fall asleep without thinking too much about tomorrow's schedule.) Soon, she starts to cough, which wakes me and her. She changes position and is fine for a while, and then wakes up and coughs again. As this goes on through the night, neither me nor her are getting very good sleep. But then I remember! Breathe! I put some in a diffuser at her bedside and rub a little lemon on her chest and back. Since we live in dry Colorado, I also make sure...

what are you diffusing tonight?

It's 9 pm tonight and I walk into my girls' room to kiss them goodnight. I'm remembering that it's daylight savings time tomorrow and they should really get to sleep. When I open the door I'm greeted by a pleasant aroma from the diffuser. "What are you diffusing tonight?" I say. My youngest replies, "Ger...

diffusing oils everyday : our top 5

1. On Guard Is anyone in your home feeling under the weather? Have the kids brought home yet another "bug"? I diffuse this right near the family member that's feeling less than 100%, or in the kitchen daily as a way to strengthen our bodies. I never really know what we have been exposed to while out and about, and so we diffuse this regularly to help strengthen our immune system and purify the air in our home. 2. Serenity Can you picture children going to bed willingly and falling asleep quickly? How about you falling asleep easily and quickly? Think it's a miracle? I dare you to try Serenity in a diffuser by the bedside. 3. Citrus Bliss Do you ever come home from work grumpy? Or do your children ...

blue sky diffuser blend

Love, Lisa

traveling by car

You might hear that dōTERRA essential oils have changed lives. Well, for me, ginger is one of those oils. Several people in our family suffer from occasional nausea from car motion. When we take a longer trip by car, we make sure to use ginger from the start. I've put dōTERRA ginger in a roller bottle with 1/4 ginger and 3/4 fractionated coconut oil. We apply it to the inside of our wrists and then take some deep breaths of the aroma. Usually, we reapply every couple of hours when we stop to stretch our legs. When we start the trip with ginger, everyone's tummy stays happy. And, I'm able, for the first time i...

Is this you?

What do you do to support your family's health? Love, Lisa

smoke over mountains

soothe an irritated throat

Lemon essential oil is helpful for soothing an irritated throat. Here's some ways to use it: Add a couple of drops to a glass of water, and drink it frequently throughout the day. Just be sure to use a glass cup, not plastic. Add a couple of drops to hot tea with raw honey. Sometimes an irritated throat is related to seasonal respiratory discomfort. Diffusing lemon, in addition to taking it internally, can be especially helpful. And, diffusing has the added benefit of purifying the air. And, as always, only take CPTG essential oils internally. Love, Lisa These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

In Tune focus blend

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

baseball and softball must haves

Spring and summer mean baseball and softball games for my children. We are always sure to bring: chairs -- because my back can't stand the bleachers for very long! water, sunflower seeds, snacks -- for my hungry, hungry hippos (aka children) umbrellas, blankets, hoodies, jackets -- for that unpredictable weather small toys -- because I would rather not hear "I'm bored!" and TerraShield repellent blend -- for players and spectators We have had an unusually rainy spring, and the mosquitoes are loving these warm, wet days. TerraShield is...

supporting the immune system

Are you aware that there is something you can do to strengthen your immune system? People who help support their immune system are usually pleasantly surprised how they are able to continue to go to work or school, without needing to take time off. I'll share what we usually do in my family. This works best if started at first signs or when exposed to environmental threats. Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining proper immune function . And, during times when the immune system needs extra help, we try to take a chewable frequently while awake . Vitamin D also helps to strengthen the immune system. We take extra vitamin D when seasonal threats are high and we are out in the sun less , and will often take a little ...

breastfeeding support with essential oils

As a retired  La Leche League  Leader, and mom to 4, I wish I had known about essential oils when my children were little.  For all you nursing or pregnant moms, here are some tips about breastfeeding from Stephanie Fritz, LM, CPM : Fennel internally and Basil topically will definitely increase milk s...

protecting against spring elements

My daughter and I need added respiratory support in the spring and summer because of the seasonal and environmental elements in the air. We are able to maintain clear breathing by using lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils internally every day. We love TriEase softgels for the convenience, especially when we are away from home. We also love to diffuse Breathe respiratory blend for extra support, especially at night. Love, Lisa These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

sweet dreams diffuser blend

Love, Lisa

arvada kite festival

We had so much fun at the Arvada Kite Festival this year. It's was great meeting so many people, and sharing the benefits... of dōTERRA essential oils! And, it was beautiful being outside and watching all the kites. The wind was great for kit flying, but it wasn't as good for our booth table or tent. We simplified our table because our papers kept blowing away! And, our poor tent broke during one of the 40 mph...