breathing well

You know these nights.  When seasonal threats are high, and I'm relieved to finally get the kiddos to sleep. I finish up my evening routine, and lay down myself, ready to dream of sugar plums and fairies (ok, not really...more like hoping I fall asleep without thinking too much about tomorrow's schedule.)

Soon, she starts to cough, which wakes me and her. She changes position and is fine for a while, and then wakes up and coughs again. As this goes on through the night, neither me nor her are getting very good sleep.  

But then I remember! Breathe! I put some in a diffuser at her bedside and rub a little lemon on her chest and back. Since we live in dry Colorado, I also make sure the humidifier is going nearby. 

Very soon we are back in bed and she is sound asleep. As I lay there thinking about tomorrow's commitments, I remember to grab my Serenity by my bedside and put a little on my wrists. Soon, I'm dreaming about sugar plums and fairies. 

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