what are you diffusing tonight?


It's 9 pm tonight and I walk into my girls' room to kiss them goodnight. I'm remembering that it's daylight savings time tomorrow and they should really get to sleep. 

When I open the door I'm greeted by a pleasant aroma from the diffuser. 

 "What are you diffusing tonight?" I say.  My youngest replies, "Geranium. We've diffused that a couple of nights now." 

Curiously, I look up Geranium in EMOTIONS & ESSENTIAL OILS

Geraniuim: the oil of love and trust

geranium is a gentle oil, perfect for babies and children 

at its root, geranium instills unconditional love and fosters trust 

I'd say it's a most perfect oil to go to sleep by tonight. I'll add some to by bedtime oils this night as well. Thank you my children for teaching me about the oils. 



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