diffusing oils everyday : our top 5

1. On Guard

Is anyone in your home feeling under the weather? Have the kids brought home yet another "bug"?  I diffuse this right near the family member that's feeling less than 100%, or in the kitchen daily as a way to strengthen our bodies. I never really know what we have been exposed to while out and about, and so we diffuse this regularly to help strengthen our immune system and purify the air in our home.

2. Serenity

Can you picture children going to bed willingly and falling asleep quickly? How about you falling asleep easily and quickly? Think it's a miracle? I dare you to try Serenity in a diffuser by the bedside.

3. Citrus Bliss

Do you ever come home from work grumpy? Or do your children ever bicker and fight? Well, Citrus Bliss is your friend for these situations. Diffusing Citrus Bliss in the kitchen and living room uplifts the mood and makes everyone in the home feel better.

4. Wild Orange and Peppermint

Ever have a hard time getting going in the morning? How about feeling stressed out?  I diffuse these in the morning when I need to wake up, and in the afternoon to get me through the rest of the day! These oils are also great for diffusing during homework time to help the kiddos focus and retain the information they learn. Diffuse at the office, in your child's bedroom, and in the kitchen.

5. Breathe

Do you ever wake up with a stuffy nose? Or, do you go to bed already congested? Diffusing Breathe in the bedroom can help to open airways while you sleep! It has an wonderfully calming aroma that helps you relax when you're not feeling well. In our home, Breathe is diffused nightly in the bedrooms during the spring, and whenever someone has a stuffy or runny nose.

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