baseball and softball must haves

Spring and summer mean baseball and softball games for my children. We are always sure to bring: chairs -- because my back can't stand the bleachers for very long! water, sunflower seeds, snacks -- for my hungry, hungry hippos (aka children) umbrellas, blankets, hoodies, jackets -- for that unpredictable weather small toys -- because I would rather not hear "I'm bored!" and TerraShield repellent blend -- for players and spectators We have had an unusually rainy spring, and the mosquitoes are loving these warm, wet days. TerraShield is safe and effective for those nasty biting bugs. I added a squirt top to mine to make it super easy to apply. And, I love that it doesn't feel sticky. I don't feel the need to shower it off when we get home, like some other products. Love, Lisa

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