I started out using dōTERRA essential oils in 2013. They made such a profound impact on my health, that I wanted to try and use them for everything. Whenever a health issue came up in my house, we first looked at an essential oil reference book, and used an essential oil first.

We soon realized that essential oils were working quicker and better than what we had used previously. It was amazing to have, right in our home, tools that allowed me to provide my family with simple and safe solutions. I had become a healer in my own home.

As my 4 children experienced the benefits of dōTERRA essential oils, they would ask for one of mom’s potions when they were hurt or not feeling well.

Soon, I was sharing what I had experienced with my friends and family.  I hosted my first class and was amazed that I earned enough to pay for my oils that month! And then another thing happened…my friends started telling me how dōTERRA essential oils had helped them!

I love my dōTERRA business. Giving moms peace of mind to know they can prevent or take care of issues at home at the first sign is why I do this work.

I’m looking to partner with leaders that are confident, capable, committed, coachable, and good communicators.

If this is you, please apply to schedule a business overview to see if earning residual income with doTERRA on our team is a good fit.


Lisa Boyle